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Wildlife pond restoration in Bristol:

Location: Winterbourne, rear garden.

Situation – Wildlife pond restoration in Bristol with landscaping repairs.

  • old deteriorated wildlife pond
  • pond liner perished
  • banks slipping and uneven
  • surrounding stone paving broken and uneven
  • plants overgrown
  • shelves off level and insufficient


  • restore to a visually pleasing pond again
  • reinstate shelves and beach zone
  • repair stone paving
  • get pond plants under control
  • repair uneven paving around pond edge
  • Update wildlife pond, leave pond clean whilst maintaining the same look and feel

Solution – Wildlife pond restoration and re-line in Bristol

  • Remove pond plants, stones and pebbles
  • Remove pond liner
  • Restore shelves and beach zone contours
  • Place pond underlay and shape
  • Place a new pond liner and shape
  • Repair pond edges
  • Lift, prepare and re-lay stone paving around pond edge


  • A new wildlife pond that resembles the old one and is created from top quality products
  • New contouring of shelves and beach zone provides essential habitats for a variety of pond wildlife
  • Plenty of stone, pebble and pond planting offer a variety of habitats for pond life
  • Repaired and relaid stone paving area and reinforced bank edges gives structure and access to the pond area

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