Portfolio » Waterfall – Water feature design & build in Bath

Design and construction of a waterfall and water feature in Bath.

The creation of a small formal sheer descent/water blade water feature integrated in to a wall section, a natural effect stone waterfall section and a small stone well like sump at a residential property off Camden Crescent in Bath.

The client made contact with us because her existing water feature had never functioned properly and was losing water. We were asked to re-design and re-build the waterfall feature. We set out to make the necessary adjustments and improvements to create a beautiful and functional new water feature.

The existing waterfall water feature had the following issues and problems:

  • Sump too small: Water is lost when the feature is turned off and the liner is visible when the feature is turned on.
  • Liner had been cut too short: insufficient liner overlaps and excess to ensure water is contained.
  • Pipes: Low quality pipes which were allowing water loss from splitting at connections and where pinched by rocks.
  • Spillway made of lead not sealed or long enough allowing water to track back through wall and sideways across wall causing loss of water directly and through evaporation.
  • Small pump which was giving insufficient flow to the spillway.
  • Feature wall not re-built in keeping with the existing wall.

Waterfall water feature construction stages:

  • Demolish the faulty water feature including the top wall.
  • Re-profile to create a deeper steam channel with more obvious drops for the waterfall. Improve the sump area by making deeper and larger.
  • Use a pro-grade underlay to protect the liner from below and line with a pro-grade flexible liner in a single sheet from behind the wall area down the waterfall and including the sump.
  • Position a new larger pump and run larger stronger pipe up to the back of the spillway.
  • Re-build the wall to match with the existing wall and incorporate a good quality stainless steel spillway/water blade/sheer descent unit.
  • Bring in a large quantity of additional rock and use to create a more natural stone effect stream and waterfall zone with a catchment pool for the water blade and higher sides to contain the stream and falls. Stone line the sump in a circular pattern to create a well like finish which will prevent the liner from being exposed when the feature is turned on.
  • Set in place spillway stones to create the drops for the waterfall and fix in place. Use a mixture of pebble sizes to blend in with the other colours in the rocks and garden landscaping whilst creating a natural stream and waterfall effect and blending this water feature in to the rest of the garden landscape.

It is crucial that any water feature is designed, planned and constructed with a high level of care and attention along with an understanding of the core principles that allow it to function and perform as desired. Experience is the key to success with water feature design and construction so ensure your contractor is an experienced professional with a valid portfolio of work.

If you are thinking about installing a new water feature whether it is integrated in to an existing garden, part of a new build or a stand alone feature. Contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can help you achieve the look you desire with the design, construction and functionality that works.