Portfolio » Waterfall and Rill water feature project – Bath

Water feature project in Bath to construct a natural effect stone waterfall blending in to an existing pond

This Bath based water feature project involved several water feature components. A pond clean and tidy-up, a natural effect stone waterfall running down an existing bank, a letterbox, cascade water blade or sheer descent water feature, a formal Bath stone rill section to match the existing pond and a new filtration system and fountain pump for the pond.

Pond clean: The pond had been neglected for some time and required a full drain and clean out. We also removed, separated and re-potted the existing plants and added a few new ones. We installed a new OASE pump and pressurised easy clean filter system, we ran new pipes for the water and conduits to take the power cables. A separate fountain pump was installed to run a foaming jet head. The filtration system is pressurised so that the filtered water can be run directly to the waterfall.

Waterfall: The natural stone effect waterfall was constructed from a mixture of local grey and red limestone rocks. It has a flexible liner and underlay to protect the underside and prevent leaks. A series of stone falls are set in place to push the water up, over and around them creating the waterfall sections. A mixture of pebble sizes are used to blend the stone and soften the look of the waterfall whilst giving that natural water course effect. The waterfall was situated on an adjacent bank and blended in with a number of larger matching rockery stones. The waterfall drops down a sink hole which feeds the water blade water feature.

Water blade, letter box or sheer descent water feature: We removed one and a half stone blocks from the existing wall and mucked in a bespoke stainless steel water feature spillway. The liner is sealed to the spillway to create a watertight seal. The water drops in to the rill below.

Formal rill: The formal Bath stone rill water feature was constructed from concrete and coped with Bath stone to match the existing coping stone pieces around the pond. A wider section collects the water falling from the letterbox feature which then runs down the narrower rill section before returning to the pond via a second stainless steel spillway.


This water feature design and construction project in Bath showcases several styles of water feature and water feature components.


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