Portfolio » School Fish Pond Design and Build South Bristol – Bath NES

A raised timber construction pond with viewing window at Farrington Gurney C0E Primary School – South of Bristol – Bath North East Somerset.

This School pond update project began as a replacement for a tired and basic pond. It developed in to a new and exciting pond which included a raised timber construction, flexible liner, a re-enforced glass viewing window, marginal planting shelves, underwater lighting, a fish viewing dome and a fountain display. The main aim was to provide a pond which would meet the expectations of the School teachers, parents and children who had been fund-raising for this project.

School pond consultation and design:

The first stage was to design a new pond for the school playground to include the features requested. We came up with a raised interlocking treated sleeper pond formed of two off-set squares.  The side facing the entrance to the playground would include a heat-treated, laminated glass viewing window. The other square would hold a central pier with a fountain pump on it. The sides would hold shelves where possible to allow us to place a selection of potted marginal plants and pots on the bottom would house several aquatic Lilies. We took this design and created a basic design 3D model to show the clients.

Raised timber School pond build process:

The fish, plants and water are stored in a temporary pool.  The derelict old pond is removed and waste materials are removed to a skip for recycling.

The new floor plan is marked out on the tarmac and a level base is cut out to begin construction from.

Eco. treated timber sleepers are laid flat and built up in overlapped layers to give maximum structural strength. An aperture is included around the window frame.

Solid timber planting shelves are fixed in position once the final wall height is achieved.

A pro-grade underlay and flexible liner are positioned and held in place by the timber coping boards.

The window is glazed in to the frame unit and underwater lights are positioned either side to illuminate the area.

A variety of aquatic marginal plants are potted and added to the shelves. Aquatic Lilies are potted and placed on the bottom of the pond.

A central plinth is built within one of the squares. A fountain pump is placed on the plinth.

Cables are routed through an underground conduit and terminated within a lockable weatherproof box which houses a weatherproof fused switch box.

The fish and water are returned and the remainder is made up with treated and conditioned tap water.

Waste is removed for disposal and recycling and the site is cleaned and made good ready for the new term.

The School is now ready for the opening of the new raised timber pond and we look forward to the children’s feedback.

School pond build completed.

Constructing a raised sleeper pond with a viewing window had the added benefits of increased child safety as they cannot trip and fall in. The top coping is wide enough to hold books and notes as well as dipping nets and containers. The timber construction allows for a multitude of art work and decorations to be attached to the sides as new classes of children enjoy the pond area.

This is an example of the versatility of timber and flexible liner constructions. They allow us to design and construct a huge variety of pond shapes and styles including a vast array of interesting features depending on the location and specification of the client.

If you are a school, business or private resident looking for a quality raised timber pond design and build you can contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can visit you to discuss your specific requirements and provide a free quotation for works. We construct ponds from many materials and in many styles and can help you achieve the perfect pond, water feature or water garden for your situation.