Portfolio » Pond, Sylvania


Rear corner of property, in front of office window


  • A pond with a waterfall
  • Must be visible from the house
  • Must be visible from the external office
  • Blend the pond into existing surrounds
  • Would like fish
  • Keen to draw more wildlife into the garden


  •  A classic kidney-shaped pond positioned in front of office and in sight of the house
  • Waterfall positioned to give maximum effect from the office, providing sound, movement and aeration
  • Plenty of plant and rock cover for fish and their prey
  • Planting to maximise water visibility
  • Lillies in central positions bring shade and colour
  • Pebble and rock mix with complimentary planting, blends into surrounding areas
  • Lights accent the waterfall and planting after dark


The pond creates the desired distraction from work. A mostly natural pond which will greatly increase biodiversity in the garden.