Portfolio » Pond Update and Refresh – Pond Redesign and Build in the Cotswolds.

 This Pond update and refresh project in the Cotswolds involved a full redesign and rebuild.

This Cotswold based residential back garden pond update and replacement project was long overdue. The client requested a new softer more curved pond with a more modern feel within the same space. Additions included a new pump and filtration system and a separate small fountain unit.

The existing tired, old and broken pond design faults:

The surround is angular with a large and bland coping in a cheap buff slab. This limits available space around the edge for planting and makes a very bold statement for a small garden fish pond. Internally the pond is very shallow and has a consistent depth. There is very little shelf space for plants and exposed liner and poor cement work. The pond was also suffering a low water level due to several tears in the poor quality liner.This pond has had it’s day and it is time for a refresh to bring it up to date.

The new pond update and refresh – pond design and build improvements:

The new pond design aimed to resolve all the issues highlighted. First we stripped out all the existing materials to leave us with a blank canvas to work from. We re-profiled to achieve a curved edge and a deeper pond with planting shelves and varying depth. We re-enforced the loose edge and under-laid the pond with a membrane to resist subsidence and protect the liner from penetrations. A professional grade liner was laid and fitted to the shape. The filter system is set up. Including a pump, pressurised filter unit with integrated ultra violet light and a separate small fountain pump unit. Indian sandstone slabs were then laid loose, marked and cut to create a curved edging. Once laid they are wet pointed. The pond is filled and a selection of aquatic plants are added to the planting shelves.

Once the kit is tested the pond is finished and ready to hand over to the client. The new design allows more space for peripheral planting that along with the aquatic marginals will finish the softening of the pond edge.

Are you looking to improve your pond?

If you have an existing pond that is old and tired, broken or has an outdated design. Contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can help to refresh, update and replace your pond with a new design and build project.