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Pond Restoration project in Bristol

A full pond restoration with improvements including fountain jets at Knowle Golf Course, Brislington, Bristol

This project involved the restoration of an existing run down and tired water feature within an overgrown and silted up pond. We planned to restore the pond and replace the water feature to improve this focal point within the beautiful grounds of this mature parkland golf course

Stage 1 – Pond Clean:

We drained down and cleaned out the excess of green waste and silt including a small horde of golf balls!

Stage 2 – Water Feature Demolition:

We removed the existing water feature column and associated pipe-work ready for the new features

Stage 3 – Fountain Jets:

We constructed two new pillars central to the two circles formed by the off-center figure of eight design pond. Two quality fountain pumps were positioned and adjusted to give the best looking and proper effect.

Stage 4 – Pond Lighting:

Underwater light units were then added directly to the fountain jets to highlight the jets at night. Extra pond lights were also  positioned around the front shelves of the pond to accent pond in general.

Stage 5 – Aquatic Planting plan:

We then placed new planting around the existing pond shelves. Low growing species to the front growing in height as we make our way to the back of the pond giving a great collar of vegetation to frame the pond once mature. Plenty of lilies are then added to the central area to break up the pond and further encircle the two fountain jet area. The variety of species and quantity of plants will aid filtration and offer some shade.

Stage 6 – Paving:

The last stage was to re-lay the existing paving stone edge to the pond.

Pond Completion:

The electrician then took care of all connections installing timers to run the lights and jets. The final clean up and test running finished off this satisfying pond restoration in Bristol.

If you have an existing pond or water feature that is in need of re-invigorating, improving or a full pond restoration get in touch with us here at Aquaflora Landscapes