Portfolio » Pond Improvements, Bristol


Bristol, Filton, rear garden.

Situation – Pond Improvements required: Pond water green, lack of aeration and visual interest

  • Pond water is always going green.
  • Small plastic pre-formed waterfall.
  • Insufficient filtration.
  • Not visible from the house (25m away).


  • New larger and more interesting stone waterfall.
  • Must be visible from the house.
  • Improve filtration to get the pond water clean.
  • Add some planting.
  • Clean the pond.
  • Think low maintenance and easy operation.

Solution – The pond improvements: Waterfall build, equipment upgrade and pond clean in Bristol

  • Build a dual channel stone waterfall that appears from the end of the garden.
  • Use Cotswold stone which is light in colour and very visible with varying shades of pebble.
  • Upgrade the filtration, pumps and ultra violet units to achieve clean water.
  • Provide a remote control unit and easy maintenance equipment.
  • Locate a variety of plants to aid filtration and soften the edges.
  • Add lighting in and out of the water to run off the remote unit positioned to highlight features and to allow the pond/waterfalls to be enjoyed after dark.
  • Install a fountain to run on the remote unit to add extra movement and aeration.


  • A natural feel stone waterfall running into a clean pond.
  • An easy maintenance set up with remote control operation of lighting and fountain.
  • This pond area has been updated with a new stone dual waterfall feature and now maintains a clean clear water condition throughout the year.
  • The falls create a variety of movement with multiple drops and steps with pebble areas, the pond lighting allows it to be enjoyed into the night and the remote control means no trips up the garden when it is cold, wet and dark.
  • The pond improvements have been a success as they have achieved everything we set out to do and the client is very happy which makes us very happy too.

If you have pond problems or concerns allow us to take care of the pond improvements you require. For a new waterfall, water feature, fountain, pond build or clean in the Bristol & Bath area contact us at Aquaflora Landscapes.