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Why clean a pond?

Why should we require pond cleaning, pond maintenance or pond servicing in Bristol?

In the wild it is natural for a pond to become filled with silt and debris and eventually become land by the process of succession. In our gardens and outdoor spaces we aim to maintain our ponds in their optimum state. The best way to achieve this is by regular pond cleaning, pond maintenance and pond servicing by an experienced pond expert. I have outlined below a brief description of the stages involved in our pond cleans. All water gardens are different: they are in different positions and have different internal and external influences. Therefore each water feature requires a different maintenance schedule. We recommend pond cleaning in Bristol and Bath at least annually, it can be done at any time but preferably before or after the breeding seasons usually a pre-spring pond clean or a pre-winter putting to rest pond clean. A pond clean can be performed at any time and can be a good way to re-start your new healthy and clean pond. It is often a very messy process but when performed correctly and with the required knowledge and environmental consideration the results are well worth the effort and expense. When we detail a pond design and build a pond we incorporate several features to reduce the need for future maintenance and to make it a simpler process.

Pond cleaning Bristol; the basic process:

  • Begin drain down; put some water into containers to hold flora and fauna and for cleaning the filter media. The rest can be directed on to flower beds.
  • As the water level drops remove plants, rocks and fish from the pond:
  • Plants can be reduced in size and split to produce more if required. Containerised plants are easier to maintain as the roots can be cut back to the sides of the container and the foliage reduced back to the pot edges.
  • Rocks can be cleaned and put to one side.
  • Fish should be stored in pond water, out of the way, with adequate aeration and shade to minimise stress. Assess their health and condition.
  • Complete drain down, ready for pond cleaning.
  • Using a hose and medium brush clean the wet pond liner down from top to bottom, Start with any waterfalls or features from top to bottom. Check condition and repair liner if necessary.
  • Remove this water to beds using a large dustpan and brush.
  • Check pond pump condition, service and clean and maintain as required. Replace into pond and re-position.
  • Check filter condition, service by cleaning sponges and media with pond water or follow manufacturers pond filter maintenance instructions. Replace UV bulb at least annually where present.
  • Position plants and rocks. Rocks can be used to form an exit route/habitat for wildlife.
  • Begin refilling pond. To get a fair idea of pond volume measure time required to fill a container of a known volume.
  • Add chemicals as required; tap water conditioner, bacterial enhancer, an algae deterrent. I add barley straw too to deter future string algae growth helping to keep the water cleaner for longer.
  • Stop the hose with enough space remaining to return the old pond water and pond life/fish.
  • Test run pumps and filters and streams/falls if present.
  • Net any remaining debris from the surface.
  • Advise the customer on future/seasonal pond maintenance required, pond specifications and general condition.

For more information, to arrange for us to clean your pond in Bristol, Bath and the SW, to arrange a pond service or a regular pond maintenance schedule with Aquaflora Landscapes in the Bristol & Bath region please contact us. We also provide water feature cleaning and servicing as well as water garden maintenance.