Portfolio » Pond, Cambletown


Front of property at boundary


  • A pond with lots of features
  • Must be visible from the house
  • Must be visible from the road
  • Blend the pond into existing surrounds
  • Must have plants and fish
  • Would like a bridge


  • A gentle figure eight pond located in front of the house at the access point
  • Bridge for access, division and viewing
  • A  stream section and waterfall joins from one side
  • A central jet gives interest to the other side
  • Confined upright planting in margins maximising visibility
  • Lillies in central positions bring shade and colour
  • Pebble and rock mix with complimentary planting, blends into surrounding areas
  • Plants and rocks provide a good environment for the fish
  • Lights accent the fall, bridge, jet and planting at night
  • Cut out wall allows the pond to be enjoyed by passersby


  • The pond creates a visual impact; the stream, waterfall, jet, lights, fish and planting draw interest through movement, colour and sound. It can be enjoyed by the client and by passing pedestrians.