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Pond and Bog Garden Construction Project in Nailsea, Bristol.

A garden project to replace an existing overgrown wildlife pond and bog garden with a new more functional wildlife pond and bog garden.

We were called in to remedy issues with the existing small wildlife pond which was losing water through wicking and was very overgrown with large species of pond plants. The bog garden was not doing well as it kept drying out.

Our first observation was that the pond was obscured by the large bog plants and therefore we recommended that the pond and bog garden changed places so that you would look across the wildlife pond to the bog. We decided to create a little more open water and to use a mixture of more size appropriate pond and marginal aquatic plant species. Correct construction techniques would keep the pond full and the bog garden moist.

Pond and Bog Garden construction method:

First we deconstructed the existing pond and bog garden. Removing the vegetation, soil, liners and underlays.

Then we dug out for a new larger wildlife pond creating multiple shelf contours for a variety of plants and habitats. The garden was dug out to a uniform depth. Shelves were compacted or reinforced with concrete block and brick. A crisp and level central dividing bridge was maintained.

We then underlay-ed the pond and bog garden with a high gsm geo-textile to protect the liner from below before lining with one single sheet of flexible pond liner. The liner is molded to the contours of the pond and bog garden leaving a little spare slack in the holes.

We then began to dress the liner with stone and pebble to create planting areas, walls, scree’s and beaches. These create a variety of habitats for aquatic organisms and plants as well as access routes and habitat for amphibians and mammals visiting the pond.

The bog garden liner was then periodically punctured and a layer of free draining aggregate added before being topped up with soil.

The wildlife pond was planted with a variety of submerged, floating leaved, marginal and oxygenating aquatic plants straight in pebble beds or in pots depending on location and species. The bog garden was planted up with appropriate species of bog plant.

The edges were then finished with more stone and pebble mix, old logs and piles of aggregates. The surrounding berm of soil was then turfed. Site was tidied and waste removed.

The wildlife pond and bog garden are completed.

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