Portfolio » Lake Restoration and Lake Management Bristol

Lake Management Bristol – Location:

Two lake improvement projects: one lake restoration and one lake management at different sites within University estate grounds in the Bristol area.


  • A new edge to enable wildlife access to and from the lake
  • A reduction in bank-side gradient
  • A beach/bay effect using sand (Lake management 1)
  • A bay effect using turf (Lake restoration 2)
  • Blend the edge into the existing area


Lake management Bristol:

  • Addition of size-able quantities of large angular rocks creates a sloped ‘scree’ effect into the lake edge. This provides a stable gentler gradient up to the bank
  • Sand on top of this settled stone running up the bank provides a flatter area to move onto
  • A strong pro grade membrane separates the two layers from one another and the underlying vegetation
  • Large rocks along the front edge provide an additional barrier to reduce wave action on and provide a retainer for the sand
  • More large rocks are placed over inlet and to maintain continuity and form

Lake restoration Bristol:

  • A gentler gradient and bay shape was achieved by excavation
  • The excess spoil generated was used to create mounded areas to each side to accent the bay shape
  • Turf laid over the replaced top soil creates a natural finish to the bay.


  • The lake management and restoration works have created improved access to the lake edges without a loss of habitat or aesthetic.

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