Portfolio » Garden Water Feature and Landscaping – Kingsdown in Bristol

A Garden Water Feature Design and Build Project in Bristol by Aquaflora Landscapes.

A garden water feature project located in the Bristol suburb of Kingsdown. The garden water feature design and construction project includes multiple pools connected by spillways. It includes some planting, filtration and lighting.

This water feature crosses between the formal and informal categories. It has the recto-linear structural walls in brick along with the straight edges of the stainless steel rill and spillway sections but these are softened with the choice of old style weathered bricks and the internal and peripheral planting.

Garden water feature design:

The client approached us with a fairly clear idea of their desired garden lay-out and the positioning of the water feature within this. We took this and developed a few design ideas and then a quick 3D plan of the selected water feature design.

Garden water feature construction:

This is a three section water feature which re-circulates via a filtration system.

Garden water feature pool one:

The first pool is a brick construction which was rendered and waterproofed with a membrane. It has a concealed ring-main inlet and a stainless steel spillway outlet. The top is edged in Bath stone. This pool can serve as a reflection pool in addition house aquatic Lilies. This pool holds waterproof lighting.

Garden water feature pool two:

The central pool is also a brick construction, rendered and sealed with a membrane and finished in Bath stone. Water feeds in via the spillway from pool one and exits via an extended stainless steel rill spillway to pool three. This pool is designed to hold potted aquatic Iris along the sides. This theme is continued within the surrounding beds. It also holds a water feature light.

Garden water feature pool three:

The third pool is fed via the spillway from the second pool. This pool is a brick and block construction with a flexible liner. It includes shelves designed to be heavily planted with a variety of potted aquatic marginal plants. Furthermore the top is finished with a soldier course of matching brick. This pool houses the concealed pump as well as two pond lights. The pipes exit below water level and circulate the water via a filter system concealed in the border.

Further additional landscaping:

In addition to the garden water feature design and build we also undertook further landscaping tasks to continue the theme on across the garden. This included the construction of several brick and block walls to create raised beds and small alpine planters. These walls separate the space giving structure and breaking up the gradient. We also created a reclaimed brick paviour patio. Finally this hard reclaimed brick standing completes the landscaping of this garden.

This is a simple and beautiful garden water feature that can be enjoyed day and night within the setting of a lovely garden. The aquatic plants bring scent and colour whilst blending in with the surrounding bed planting. The spillways and rill bring the soft noise and movement of the water. The pools reflect external light and hold waterproof lights to subtly highlight the spillways and falling water at night.

If you live in the Bristol and Bath area and are looking for a new water feature for your garden, whether you have an idea or are looking for suggestions contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can help design and build the right water feature for you and your garden.