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Wildlife Pond project in Hanham, Bristol

This project involved turning a corner plot in a residential garden with limited gradient into a wildlife pond fed by streams and waterfalls.

This mid size water garden required us to create a wildlife pond with the intention of increasing biodiversity in the garden and to be visible from the house windows and garden area. We decided to add some stream sections with waterfalls as the plot was elongated and the client liked the sound of moving water.

Stage one –  We cleared the plot and marked out roughly how we anticipated the design to look on the ground.

Stage two – We then brought in a small excavator and proceeded to sculpt the wildlife pond contours and using the spoil created our waterfall/spring starter mounds. Next the stream channels were carved out leaving the client with a good idea of how the finished water garden would look.

Stage three – The underlay and liners are positioned. Due to the low gradient changes we used fewer pieces and joined them together.

Stage four – The pump and associated plumbing were placed where they could be concealed whilst feeding the waterfalls and improving circulation and filtration.

Stage five – The stream channels are ‘rocked out’ giving a natural but quite stark stone effect. Small rubble stone waterfalls were constructed to make the most of the slight gradient change. This is then softened with two sizes of pebble and both in the channel and around the edges.

Stage five – The pond shelves are rock lined in places to give a natural stone effect. This again is softened with varying sizes of pebble with the addition of a pebble beach area and aquatic planting beds.

Stage six – Aquatic planting. A selection of aquatic plants are added to the aquatic planting beds and in between rocks. Lilies were spaced on the bottom and the stream has several small upright plants added to the sides to soften without effecting the flow.

Stage Severn – Peripheral planting. The external garden beds are shaped to complement the lines of the water garden. A selection of complimentary plants are positioned and planted to create a separate area of the garden but to still feel as part of the existing garden beds and borders. The beds are finished with a layer of weed suppressing mulch.

Stage Eight – Underwater lights are added to highlight the waterfalls/stream sections and specific feature plants and rocks.

Finally the pond is filled and the waterfalls are test run. All is well and the project is handed over to the client.


If you are looking for a new wildlife pond, water garden or steams and waterfalls with or without a pond please contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes where we will be happy to help you.