Portfolio » Waterfall Construction & Pond Clean – Bristol

Stone waterfall construction project with a pond clean and pond restoration in a Bristol back garden

We love building natural effect stone waterfalls at Aquaflora Landscapes. They are a surefire way to add a quick and impressive water feature to an existing pond or water garden and can even be built as an individual feature without a pond or pool where the water disappears in to a dry bed from where it is re-circulated.

This project in Bristol involved the design and construction of a small stone waterfall as an addition to an existing pond. The waterfall was to fill the space left from an old water feature pool. It was to add interest, movement, and aeration to the pond area.

We combined this waterfall build with a full pond clean out and filtration re-build using existing components.

First the new waterfall area was cleared , compacted, excavated and profiled  to create the basic shape for our waterfall and pool feature.

We then created some extra height for the waterfall by constructing a small timber retaining wall. This allowed us to quickly and simply get more gradient so that we could create more of a waterfall effect.

Next soil was and compacted in layers and rocks were positioned for structural support. The soil was then excavated and profiled to make the stream and waterfall channel.

The stream channel is then covered with a professional grade protective underlay and a professional grade flexible and puncture resistant liner. This single sheet of liner was run from the top of the waterfall all the way down and in to the pond which prevents the possibility of any leaks along the way.

Pipes and cables are then run along the best routes for accessibility and convenience whilst remaining concealed.

Stones are then positioned where we would like our waterfall drops and interruptions. These are leveled and fixed in place. Next the sides of the stream channel are clad in rock to give a natural look whilst providing support and further protecting the liner.

Several different grades of pebble were used to cover the bottom of the stream channel. The pebbles can be subtly repositioned to create different water flows and effects. They protect the bottom of the channel and add the blending touch that softens the more angular larger rocks as well as concealing any liner edges.

Finally the pond was drained and cleaned out so that the new filtration system has a good point to work from allowing it to maintain the best water quality. The aquatic plants were managed, re-potted and re-positioned to provide shade, cover and interest to the pond. The new filter system and associated pump and UV unit were assembled and set up to return clean water into the pool at the base of the waterfall to increase the flow over the last waterfall drop back in to the pond. This maximises aeration and circulation.

Finally a few small holes were detected in the existing pond liner. We performed pond liner repairs to allow the pond to reach maximum height at the overflow.

The waterfall construction project was completed. The site was tidied and the waste removed for recycling. The system was then explained to the client and any questions were answered.

If you would like a new waterfall or stream constructed or have an existing water feature or pond that requires attention then please contact us at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can discuss your ideas and options and create the perfect water feature for you.