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Water Feature Restoration & Improvements – Bath

This water feature restoration project targets a lovely dual pond arched cavern feature that was re-discovered when clearing the gardens at a historic private residence in Bath. We decided to create a moving water feature to add more interest to the existing ponds.

Site preparation involved clearing the overgrown vegetation and loose rocks from the area to further release the structures from the garden ready for the water feature restoration to begin.

The second  stage of restoring this water feature was to restore its ability to hold water. In this instance due to the nature of the tanks we used a fiberglass lining to achieve this. We cleaned up the existing surface and prepared it to be waterproofed. The old water level was maintained and the existing overflow was incorporated. Two layers of matting and resin followed by a black flow coat which increased the contrast between the water feature and the surrounding bath stone and planting.

We then began constructing a waterfall feature in matching Bath/Cotswold stone. The water appears from a single stone archway and hugs the top of the left existing arch curving round and down the center before returning to the ponds via a stone platform. It was constructed with underlay and liner overlaid with cemented stones to match the existing stonework with pebbles to blend it out. This waterfall allowed us to create a few small beds for peripheral planting in the remaining space.

Next the filtration system was set up. It is running a single pump with a satellite strainer through a large pressure filter and then a split return. one heading back to the water feature directly to aid circulation and the other to feed the new waterfall feature.

Then we set up a series of water proof lights to highlight the waterfalls, archways, existing stonework and surrounding architecture to create an impressive after dark effect.

The electrical box was then fitted that runs the pump, filtration and lights on timers.

The final stage of this water feature restoration was to add two pillars, one central to each chamber with a single water lily on each. This will provide shade in the summer as well as a contrasting green over the black fiberglass and a little shot of colour from the flowers.


If you have a water feature restoration project or an existing water feature that needs attention or a new water feature project and would like us to help you realise its potential please do get in touch with us here at Aquaflora Landscapes.