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Water Feature build project in Yate – Bristol

This project involved the demolition, re-design and construction of a multi-pool, water blade descent water feature at a private residence in a Bristol suburb.

The client contacted us as their water feature was not functioning correctly causing water loss and green water in the attached pond. The specification was for a similar functional water feature to be constructed to replace the original preferably with a better looking as well as better functioning.

The project began with a discussion followed by a water feature design. Then we can began to build the new water feature. We included stainless steel spillway’s and a descent with an LED light strip.

We maintained a similar feel to the original concept with a little added height and a more curved and softer shape. The metal cover had already being purchased so we were restricted to matching some of the original shape.

The water feature was constructed from brick and mortar to the rough shape and then rendered to achieve a smooth and uniform finish. The waterproof render was then painted to brighten the corner up. The walls were all capped with sandstone to match the existing sandstone paved patio. We decided to keep the sections of the water feature off-center as it gave a better shape for this informal setting.

The bases were concreted, leveled and then along with the walls coated with waterproof membranes to ensure a high level of waterproofing. The colour gave a contrast to the external surfaces.

The spillways and water blade descent were made from stainless steel to add a little sparkle to the drops and highlight the flowing water. An LED light strip was positioned within the top water blade spillway to create a pleasing evening effect.

Finally the original metal cover was re-fitted to the bottom pool.

With the project finished we proceeded with a pond clean out including the servicing of all associated pond equipment including the plumbing, pump and filtration unit.

Once the water feature had been tested and adjusted to give the best flow we tidied site, removed all waste for recycling where possible and talked the client through operation and maintenance procedures.

If you have are looking for a new water feature for your garden or outdoor space please get in touch and contact us here at Aquaflora Landscapes. We would love to discuss your project and help you realise your ideas.