Portfolio » Pond build in Bristol; Hazelbrook

Location of pond build in Bristol:

Rear of property, in front of kitchen and living rooms.


  • A pond with a waterfall and stream section
  • Positioned to catch morning sun
  • Close to house for easy access
  • Would like area to take coffee/breakfast on whilst enjoying the pond
  • Blend the pond into existing surrounds
  • Keen to draw more wildlife into the garden


  •  A subtle kidney-shape pond positioned close to the house
  • Waterfall positioned to give maximum effect from the windows
  • Sleeper deck platform with table and chairs positioned to catch the morning sun
  • Low level planting to maximise water visibility from all sides
  • Pebble and rock mix with complimentary planting, blends into surrounding areas
  • Lights accent the waterfall and planting after dark


  • The pond is clearly visible from the house and deck area. The deck catches the sun for a warm and relaxing spot that can be enjoyed all through the day and into the night.

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