Portfolio » Garden Pond & Soft Landscaping project in Bristol

Garden pond project in Patchway, Bristol:

This unmanageable garden already included a small overgrown garden pond. The project specification was to create a large gently profiled grass area featuring a new garden pond. This project would involve: Garden clearance, landscaping, garden turfing, bed planting and mulching.

The garden and pond construction process:

  • First the site was cleared of all loose items and the waste disposed of.
  • Then an excavator was brought in and we worked our way out creating a clear and flat lawn area which rolls up a gentle slope to a plateau where the garden pond was to be sited.
  • Next the stepped profile of the curved pond shape marked out and dug firstly with the excavator and then the edges and details were sharpened with hand tools.
  • The underlay was then positioned and gently molded to the contours of the pond.
  • Then the flexible pond liner was positioned and folded into the profile.
  • The garden pond planting beds were then formed using rock to retain the pebble planting media. The pebbles offer a protective area for plants whilst creating a large surface area for aquatic organisms.
  • A mixture of local limestone rocks were then brought in and positioned to give a natural effect pond edge. They create a distinction between the surrounding turf and retain the bark planting bed. The rock surround allows easy access for amphibians and other pond life as well as securing and protecting the liner edge.
  • Then the soft landscaping element: The garden was carefully prepared and profiled and turf was laid and cut into position around the slopes, pond and path edges. It was then planked to help it settle in.
  • Next the small surrounding bed was dug over and a variety of grasses were planted. The bed was mulched with bark. The dark bark contrasts against the light stone and bright grasses and turf.
  • The aquatic planting beds were then planted with a variety of native aquatic marginal, emergent and floating leaved plants as would be expected in a wildlife pond area.
  • Finally the pond was filled from the tap, conditioned with additives and left to settle and mature.

The client and our team were very pleased with the end result. A fast turn around with a big impact and a final result that can be easily maintained and enjoyed for many years to come.

If you are looking to add a pond to your existing garden or to re-landscape and add a garden pond to the build please contact us at Aquaflora Landscapes and we can discuss your ideas and options. We operate in Bristol, Bath and beyond.