Our Digital Marketing Strategy

How we worked with a local specialist to build our online marketing campaign

We approached Bespoke Digital, a Bristol based digital marketing company  to help us improve our position, or rank in Google’s search results for our brand new landscape gardening and water gardening website. Their invaluable advice helped us become more visible than we ever expected to potential customers both in search results and also in forums and business listings sites, which all now generate business for us.

They advised us on how to improve our website to make sure it was up to scratch from the point of view of search engines. Making sure the right words were in all the right places, and the ‘back end’ (the bits you don’t see online) of the site was all in order was an essential starting point.

Our goal was to learn how to do this ourselves rather than to rely on someone else. Bespoke Digital taught us how to research the key phrases that potential clients use when they are looking for our services and how to include them in the pages of our site in the way that is most visible to Google. This was a great success and we now regularly add new search terms to our target list and optimise the pages ourselves.

We’ve learnt that links to a website are really important to improve website rankings. Each link is seen as a ‘vote’ by the search engine that a website is relevant, credible or interesting. Links from different websites have different weights depending on their own credibility rating.

As a brand new site we had no external links, so to get started we were advised by Bespoke Digital to reach out to our customers by posting our details on relevant online directories and engaging with various landscaping forums.

Over the course of a few months we added our business to the relevant Bristol based sites we found and many of these profile pages now rank next to our own site in the search results. We have also had a little help from our happy customers who, with little encouragement, have been very pleased to mention us online.

We appear at the top of page one on Google for a number of the search terms we had chosen to target. Not all of them are up there yet but every month we try and add a few more to the list.

This has been a great learning process and very cost effective for us as a small business.

Thank you Bespoke Digital for the invaluable advice,

Tom, Aquaflora Landscapes.